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Used Associated Shot Blasting Equipment

An attached shot blast system is a blast machine connected to a production line and used to clean, deburr or machine surfaces of parts. The parts are transported through the system and processed by different blasting media, such as sand or gravel, at high pressure and high speed. The system consists of a blast chamber, where the abrasives are thrown at the parts, and a transport mechanism that moves the parts through the system. The blast chamber is equipped with an exhaust system that extracts and filters the used abrasive and the chipped surface particles to prevent contamination of the environment. The connected centrifugal blasting system offers many advantages over other blasting methods. It enables fast and effective cleaning of surfaces and is ideal for processing parts with complex shapes and geometries. It is also automated and requires no manual operation, which reduces workload and improves workplace safety. The system can also be connected to other production processes, such as coating or painting processes, to ensure that part surfaces are clean and free of contaminants before they are further processed. This increases the quality of the end products and reduces the reject rate.

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