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Used Cooling equipment

Cooling equipment are special devices or machines used to cool materials, products or systems. They are used in a variety of applications, such as the food industry, chemical industry, medical technology, air conditioning of buildings, electronics industry and many others. There are different types of cooling equipment, depending on the application and specific requirements. Some of the common refrigeration equipment are refrigerators, freezers, cooling tables, ice makers, cooling towers, cooling units, chillers, cooling tunnels and more. Each of these refrigeration equipment has specific functions and is designed for different applications. The use of refrigeration equipment offers several benefits, such as longer shelf life of food and medicines, improved safety and quality of products, higher efficiency in industrial processes due to a controlled temperature, a comfortable room temperature and much more.

ALLWEILER LV25/6/130-U2 3D-W1 Cooling Pump
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Coolant Unit FRASCARA PAPS 21/50
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