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Asking price

  • Referans numarası Referans numarası 1077-02254
    Üretim Yılı Üretim Yılı 1980
    Çalışma Saati Çalışma Saati Uygulanabilir değil
  • Satıcı

    Markus Hirsch GmbH
    Niersweg 84
    47877 Willich-Neersen
    Showroom Logo
  • Ana Kategori

    Metal working machines
  • Kategori

    Grinding-, Honing- and Polishing machines
  • Makine tipi

    Crankshaft and camshaft Grinders
  • İmalatçı

  • Technical data

    workpiece length
    2700 mm
    swing dia.
    630 mm
    clamping length
    2700 mm
    stroke position adjustment
    40-130 mm
    grinding wheel diameter
    1000 mm
    total power requirement
    weight of the machine ca.
    18,5 t
    dimensions of the machine ca.
    9x4 m
  • Tanım

    cyclic control CNC / Simatic S7-300
    steady rest
    hydraulic pre-positioning
    manual fine tuning (Vertical u. Horizontal)
    grinding wheel flanges
    rough turning fixture
    Radial- and side turning fixtures
    manual Radius turning fixture
    filtering system Polo inclined bed filter SB-A0.4
    manufactured in 2012
    grinding wheels storage system for 8 grinding wheels
    diverse machine tools
    steady rest jaws
    diverse irrigation nozzle (workpiece cooling)
    washer cover with edge lavage
    Indexierledges for quick workpiece slide position
    lifting device for grinding wheels manipulation
    diverse spare parts
    sliding cover left and right
    diving plate and clampinserts

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