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Used Spray, Jet Cleaning

Spray and blast cleaning are two methods of cleaning surfaces that are commonly used in industry and trade. In spray cleaning, a liquid, usually water or a cleaning solution, is applied to the surface to be cleaned using a sprayer. The pressure and angle of the spray can be adjusted to optimize cleaning efficiency. Spray cleaning is particularly well suited for cleaning large surfaces such as facades, roofs or vehicles. Jet cleaning is similar to spray cleaning, but uses a stronger water or air pressure to remove stubborn dirt and debris. Jet cleaning is often used to clean concrete or stone surfaces, such as walkways. There are several types of blast cleaning, such as sandblasting, dry ice blasting, or high-pressure cleaning. Both methods can be very effective at removing dirt and debris from surfaces, but they also come with certain risks. Blast cleaning in particular can cause damage to surfaces if the pressure is too high or the wrong type of blast is used. It is therefore important to choose the right method for the surface in question and the degree of contamination.

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Spray, Jet Cleaning

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