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Used Round tables

Rotary tables are machine tables that can be rotated around a vertical axis. They are usually used in machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, grinding machines or drilling machines to machine or position workpieces or tools in different positions. Rotary tables can be operated manually or automatically. In manual rotary tables, the table is turned by hand to the desired position and locked there. Automatic rotary tables are driven by a motor that controls the rotation of the table. Often, automatic rotary tables are equipped with a numerical control (CNC) system to provide precise control of positioning and rotation. Rotary tables are available in a variety of sizes and styles and can be equipped with various fixtures and tool holders to accommodate a variety of workpieces and tools. Some rotary tables are also equipped with cooling systems to keep workpieces cool during machining. Rotary tables are essential in many industries, especially in metalworking and precision component manufacturing. They allow workpieces to be machined at various angles and positions, which increases machining precision and efficiency.

Teilapparat unbekannt Ø 160 mm
Not Kaydetti
Teilapparat Reckermann UTA 125
Not Kaydetti
Round table Elite RT 320
Not Kaydetti
round table unbekannt 300 mm
Not Kaydetti
Rotary table unbekannt TS 250 mm
Not Kaydetti
Round table unbekannt Durchmesser 500 mm
Not Kaydetti
Round table unbekannt Durchmesser 310 mm
Not Kaydetti
Round table 355 mm meca mit Schnellteilung
Not Kaydetti
Round table Walter Typ 400
Not Kaydetti
Round table Walter Typ 380
Not Kaydetti
Precision rotary table Deckel Typ 2016
Not Kaydetti
Round table Wanderer RT 400
Not Kaydetti

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