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ARKU RM 3060

Asking price

  • Referans numarası Referans numarası 1073-60134
    Üretim Yılı Üretim Yılı 2023
    Çalışma Saati Çalışma Saati Uygulanabilir değil
  • Satıcı

    Frech GmbH
    Werderstrasse 82
    74889 Sinsheim
    Showroom Logo
  • Ana Kategori

    Metal working machines
  • Kategori

    Sheet Metalforming machines
  • Makine tipi

    Sheet-straightening machines
  • İmalatçı

  • Technical data

    material width
    0600 mm
    material thickness
    3,00/8,00 mm
    no. of straightening rolls
    diam. of the rolls ca.
    29,60 mm
    sheet thickness - min.
    0,30 mm
    bending speed
    3-18 m/min
    between stands ca.
    615 mm
    total power requirement
    4,20 kW
    weight of the machine ca.
    2,0 t
    dimensions of the machine ca.
    1,60 x 1,50 x 1,40 m
  • Tanım

    - Roller frame adjustment max.8 mm
    - Infeed roller table
    - Outfeed roller table with conveyor belt
    - Central oil lubrication of the straightening roller bearings
    - Central oil drip lubrication of the drive shafts
    - Drive motor 4 kW

    The leveler can also be used as a strip leveler.

    The straightening machine has been checked and revised by specialist staff.
    Straightening rollers removed and reassembled. Test with your material can be
    arranged by appointment.

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