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Used Tool room and Bench Top Furnaces

Toolmaking refers to the production of tools, molds and fixtures for the manufacture of products in the manufacturing industry. Bench top furnaces can play an important role in this, as they can be used for various processes, such as curing adhesives or heat treating metal parts to improve their hardness or strength. One example of the use of tabletop furnaces in moldmaking is the production of injection molds for the production of plastic parts. Here, molds are often mounted on a workbench and then heated in a bench-top oven to facilitate plastic injection and ensure precise molding. The temperature and heating rate must be precisely controlled to ensure uniform heating of the molds and to avoid deformation or cracking. Bench top furnaces can also be used in metalworking applications to harden or anneal metal parts. In this process, parts are placed in the furnace and heated to a precise temperature and then cooled to improve their hardness and strength. The use of tabletop furnaces allows for more precise control of the heat treatment process and increased productivity. Overall, tabletop furnaces play an important role in the tooling industry by providing precise temperature settings and controlled heating of tools and parts.

NOLZEN HS 38  23  55
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NOLZEN HS 38 23 55
Tool room and Bench Top Furnaces
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Tool room and Bench Top Furnaces

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