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HISWeld HIS28V32010

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Asking price

  • Referans numarası Referans numarası 1069-1980
    Üretim Yılı Üretim Yılı 2023
    Çalışma Saati Çalışma Saati Uygulanabilir değil
  • Satıcı

    HESSE + CO Maschinenfabrik GesmbH
    Industriezentrum NÖ-Süd, Straße 4 Objekt 8
    2351 Wiener Neudorf
    Showroom Logo
  • Ana Kategori

    Metal working machines
  • Kategori

  • Makine tipi

    Work and assembly tables
  • İmalatçı

  • Technical data

    prompt, Zwischenverkauf v
    3876 €
    3478 €
    2000 x 1000 mm
    850 mm
    8000 kg
    712 kg
    28 mm
  • Tanım

    - Fully milled table top 25 mm in S355J2+N with high degree of accuracy (+/- 0.05 mm) and rounded edges and holes - Hard chrome-plated table surface Cr75 The main advantage of our tables compared to conventional systems is with the hard chrome plating Cr75, that this process achieves a much deeper penetration into the base material of up to 0.07 mm and the hardness of the surface reaches up to HV750. This also ensures optimum and lasting anti-spatter adhesion on the surface, which is one of the most efficient on the market. - Exact dimensional and fitting accuracy of the tools with 28 mm perforation (compatible with comparable premium suppliers) - Grid lines 100 x 100 mm - 4 solid table feet withload capacity 2 ton/feet and levelling option - Different foot variants available (standard, height-adjustable and with castors) - Load capacity 8 to - All-round 200 mm high side cheeks with diagonal perforation - 2-sided millimetre scaling - Substructure with stiffeners

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