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Used Spinning machines

Spinning machines are a type of machine tool used in metalworking to bend, shape, or form sheet metal, tubing, and other workpieces. These machines work by applying pressure to the workpiece using a specially shaped tool called a pressure punch or die. There are several types of spinning machines, including hydraulic spinning machines, mechanical spinning machines, and pneumatic spinning machines. Hydraulic spinning machines are the most commonly used because they offer high force and precise control. Mechanical spinning machines tend to be less powerful than hydraulic machines, but they are easier to maintain and have a longer service life. Pneumatic spinning machines are the least powerful and are mainly used for lighter applications. Spinning machines are capable of creating complex shapes and patterns in workpieces and can be used for a variety of applications, including automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, home appliance manufacturing, and jewelry making. Most modern spinning machines are computer controlled and can produce accurate and repeatable results. Programs can be created by an operator who enters the desired design or shape of the workpiece. The machine then performs the necessary steps to shape or bend the workpiece accordingly.

M & M 750 NKR Spinning Lathe
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M & M 750 NKR Spinning Lathe
Spinning machines
Pullmax Kumla F 13 C Flanging machine
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